The peace centre provides the following services:

  • Faith-based education for children and adults.

    • The peace centre provides Islamic education to children in the centre Madrasa (Islamic School) which children aged between 5-18 attends from 4:25 pm to 6:45 pm daily during term time.
    • The centre also provides classes for adults (ta’alim) about Islam and Islamic practices which are advertised regularly on the peace centre website and social networks.
  • Prayer facilities for brothers and sisters.

  • Community Programmes.

    • The peace centre regularly organises programs for young adults like sports and competitions in addition to coffee mornings for elders and mothers. The centre also organizes mother and toddlers activity days and mother and daughters events. Please look at our announcements to see upcoming events.
  • Faith-based counselling.

  • Foodbank for those facing financial difficulties due to unemployment, illness & also for pensioners.

    • We will provide¬†ONE¬†bag of food per household so we can help as many families as possible. We cannot guarantee that all parcels will have identical contents as items are distributed according to donations received. Food is offered on a first come first served basis and we cannot guarantee that there will be a parcel available for everyone.
    • If there are any items which you may not consume then you are welcome to donate these back to the food bank. These items will then be shared with other visitors to the food bank.
    • If this is your first visit please bring proof of benefits and a form of identification on your next visit which shows your home address e.g. bank statement, utility bill etc. If you require food for you and your family please bring in evidence of your Child Benefit. Without this, you may not receive a food parcel.
  • Autism Stay and Play.

    • Once a month the peace centre holds an event for children with autism and their mothers to come and spend fun joyful time together.
  • Nikaah.

    • Faith-based marriage.