Achievements and Performance Report


. We realised that there was a need for prayer & Madrasah (supplementary classes) facilities.

. September/Ramdhaan that year: Taraweeh Salaat established at the home of Moulana Lockhat. October Madrasah Founded at the house.

. October Madrasah Founded at the house.


. With the growth of Madrasah the need arose to find premises and the search continued.

. Ramadhaan – Taraweeh was arranged in the church hall for approximately 60 musallees

. 1st Eid salaah – Eid-ul Fitr

. Eid-ul-Adhaa salaah also offered

. Regular Esha salaat established – Hamilton College

. Hire of Thurnby Lodge community centre for Esha Salaat and Madrasah in November


. From March to September Asar, Maghrib & Esha salaah read daily

. Taraweeh in church hall & up to five Salaat offered during Ramadhaan in community centre

. 1st Jumuah salaah

. Both Eid salaah

. Rapid growth of Madrasah

. Community building: Islamic programmes for men and women at community centre & Church hall.


. Ladies programme 1st Sunday of every month

. Food hampers distributed free of charge to local senior citizens & the vulnerable.

. Plans for the future, in’sha’Allah, to establish community projects like: soup kitchen, various training/lessons for ladies, support for local senior citizens.

. To facilitate the growing needs of OUR growing community
Applied to the local council to take on a disused scout hut


. Long battle to try & secure a permanent premises so that our services can be expanded & for logistics as usage & storage is becoming an issue as the community centre is very restricted for space.

. We have had to face a lot of racism, harassment, intimidation & threats from members of EDL & BNP who live on the estate through no fault of our own.

. Facilitating more prayers offered for local growing community.
Additional classes for children’s/ additional ladies education

. More food hampers distributed free of charge to local senior citizens & the vulnerable.

. Paths & home entrances cleared & gritted from snow for the elderly & vulnerable.


. Intake of more children for supplementary classes.

. Agreement reached with the Leicester City Council for a long term lease (125 years) for a building which is located in heart of Thurnby Lodge which should serve our community members very well.

. Plans to increase our services further to what we currently offer once we have settled into the new premises after 1st April 2013.


. More or less settled into our new premises.

. Plans to improve the centre, so as to improve the quality of our services to service users, have been approved by the local authority.

. We are currently arranging to get started with building works. However we have to be mindful of the building works affecting current services. Hence we will start with these at a time when it will cause minimal disruption to services offered.

. The food bank which was started in November 2013 has been very welcomed among the community.

. So far over 2000 food parcels have been handed out which amounts to approximately £30,000.00 worth of groceries. These have been very beneficial to the 173 pensioners, single parents/families & individuals who are registered with the food bank. These numbers regularly increase due to the various cuts being made & the current economic climate.

. We have table tennis & a pool table for centre users. There is also an outdoor ball court which is used regularly by many of the children who attend at the centre.

. We have weekly adult classes. We also hold daily classes for children aged between 5 & 16. Classes run for 2 hours generally during term time. This assists in giving children a positive outlook in life, understanding Islam better & also helps towards community cohesion. This service also ensures children are not loitering around after school & getting up to mischief which is becoming all too common.