Madrasatus-Salaam – Evening Muktab classes

The NEW ACADEMIC YEAR starts on Monday 26 October in sha Allah

Come & visit the Madrasah, see the syllabus, meet our friendly & caring staff and enquire about what we have to offer!

Classes run Monday to Friday 4:30 to 6:30pm.

Subjects taught:

The Noble Qur’aan 

Charity & Community Cohesive activities.

Most holidays are in line with Leicester City School terms (please note that we do not close for the half term holiday in the 3rd term).

Reserve your child’s place now: or 07999271536


The Peace Centre
Thurncourt road
Thurnby Lodge

Importance of Education

It was narrated that Anas bin Mâlik (May Allah be pleased with Him) said: The Messenger of Allah (Peace be upon Him) said “Seeking knowledge is a duty upon every Muslim”.

It was narrated that Abu Hurairah (May Allah be pleased with Him) said: “The Messenger of Allah (Peace be upon Him) said: ‘Allah wills good for a person, He causes him to understand the religion.”

In Islam education is very important for both males and female particularly children. Ilm (Knowledge) of Islam will allow us to understand and practice Islam correctly. Ilm of the World will enable us to benefit from the resources Allah has given and see the signs of His power. There are recommended methods of acquiring and teaching Ilm. The seeking of all types knowledge is encouraged whatever age,
however, learning at an early age will allow the mind to concentrate without the stresses and responsibilities of later adult life.

The knowledge of Allah is the best of all knowledge and to seek this knowledge is compulsory on each and every Muslim. However young Muslims are facing increased challenges and so the extended use of maktabs (pre-liminary islamic institutions) in overcoming these difficulties is key to gaining good Islamic education and discipline that is useful in all spheres of knowledge in later life be it academic, vocational, religious or secular.

Madrasatus-Salaam has been operating in Thurnby Lodge from 2009. Daily many children benefit from the various subjects which are taught at The Peace Centre.

Our Senior Team

Moulana Mohammed Lockhat


Apa Anisa Lockhat

Vice Principal

Apa Rehana

Office Management

Apa Shehnaz

Liaison Officer