Important information regarding Ramadhan 2021 at The Peace Centre

Everyone entering the masjid must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Wear a face covering at all times, covering both mouth and nose.
  • Perform Wudhu (ablution) before coming to the masjid, check your temperature and sanitise when entering the masjid.
  • Bring your own prayer mat and shoe bag – we have implemented a 1m rule, if you are in a bubble you can pray together.
  • Please do not congregate on the premise grounds or car park area before or after salaah.
  • Please walk/cycle to the Masjid where possible to ease congestion.
  • Park in the designated parking bays (Disabled bays are for Blue Badge holders only).
  • Where onsite parking is full, park with due care on the side streets, roads ensuring you are not blocking driveways or parked on the footway.
  • The masjid will open its doors 10 minutes before every congregational prayer.
  • Entry will be on a first come first entry basis due to the limited place available.
  • No entry for children under the age of 15 for all salaah.
  • Clinically vulnerable and Aged 60+ are advised to pray at home.
  • Anyone with COVID-like symptoms should not come to the masjid.

Programmes & Ibaadah between Asr & Maghrib Salaah

Asr jamaat will be performed according to the timetable during Ramadhan (Please check the published Ramadhan Timetable for salaah times).  Qur’aan tilaawat / prayer will be allowed for musallees who wish to remain in the masjid between Asr and Maghrib.  Ideally bring your own copy of the Noble Qur’aan. You must maintain social distancing at all times while on the premises, both inside & outside the building.

There will be a short daily talk between Asr and Maghrib.

Maghrib salaah will commence approximately 2-3 minutes after iftar start time.

Public toilets and wudhu facilities will be available in case of emergency only.  Should you need to use the facilities please maintain the utmost of cleanliness.  Staff will be on hand to clean the facilities after every use but we can all help to minimise the efforts for our volunteers & staff.

  • Jumuah salaah must be booked via the weekly link – visit our website’s homepage for more info & to book.
  • Ramadan bayan (lecture) programme timetable will be confirmed shortly.
  • No I’itikaaf will be taking place – this will be subject to review.
  • Eid programmes will be communicated nearer the time.


Peace Centre COVID Compliance Officers