Ramaḍān - Day 16

Islām guarantees the right of life for every human being, whether they are Muslims or non-Muslims. Every human life is sacred in Islām and every person has been granted God-given fundamental and universal rights at the time of their birth.

As Muslims, we value human life irrespective of their geographical location, race and gender. We do not distinguish between the poor and the wealthy, women and men, the less able and the able. A life is a life. Hence, all lives are sacred and precious.

Therefore, a loss of life in any corner of the world is a cause of grief and sorrow for every true Muslim.

When a life is lost, it is our duty as Muslims to assist. Many incidents unfold at our doorsteps, such as the current coronavirus pandemic.

Be there to help; aid and support the Ummah and your brothers and sisters in humanity.

Make it your priority to aid by donating, or giving your time and effort and all will be recorded as charity, inshāAllāh.

During such moments, we pray to Allāh taʿālā, the Creator, that Allāh grants everyone guidance and fills this world with peace and security.

For those who have lost loved ones, may Allāh taʿālā grant them patience and courage. If families have lost their breadwinner, may Allāh taʿālā safeguard them from poverty. May Allāh taʿālā grant relief and give every human the good fortune to live in peace and prosperity. May Allāh comfort the families with ṣabr and may Allāh bless them and us with His mercy.

Āmīn Yā Rabb.

Moulana Huzaifa Saleh