Ramaḍān - Day 24

Most of the people with whom we mix, no matter how evil they may be, will always have some good in them, even if it be relatively little. In such cases, if we are able to access their good qualities, then that is for the best.

A criminal may be known for climbing over into people’s houses and stealing their property in order to give some of it to the destitute and the orphans, or even to build mosques therewith! Likewise, a woman may see some orphans starving, so she sins to earn some money to stave their hunger, or a person carrying a knife to stab someone, then he sees a child or a woman, and his heart melts so he drops the knife!

Therefore, you should deal with the people in accordance with what you know of good from them, before thinking badly of them.

Our beloved Prophet ﷺ was known for his character of making excuses for those who err, and thinking good of those who sin. When he would come across a sinful person, he would first look at the aspects of his faith, then look at the aspects of his whims and disobedience. He would not have bad thoughts about anyone. He would treat them all as his own sons and brothers.

A man at the time of the Prophet ﷺ was an alcoholic. Once he was brought to the Prophet ﷺ in drunken state, and it was decreed that he be lashed. After a few days, he was caught drinking again, and was brought to the Prophet ﷺ and lashed. After a few days he was caught yet again drinking alcohol, and brought to the Prophet ﷺ and lashed. After being lashed, when he turned to leave, a person from the Companions said, “May Allāh curse him! How often he has come here to be lashed!” The Prophet ﷺ turned to him whilst his complexion had visibly changed, and said, “Do not curse him! By Allāh, I know that he loves Allāh and His Messenger!”
(Bukhārī and Muslim)

When you deal with people, be just. Remember the good that they have, and make them feel that their evil has not made you forget their good. This will bring them closer you.

Before you begin to uproot the ‘tree of evil’ in others, look for the ‘tree of good’ and water it.

[Enjoy your life, Dr. Muḥammad ʿAbdur-Raḥmān Al-ʿArīfī]

Moulana Huzaifa Saleh